Disinfect right or you may risk intoxication! Pick products harmless to humans and pets

COVID-19 (aka the Wuhan pneumonia) has been raging the globe recently, leaving our world in panic. Truth be told, even us the editors here at PicoLabb are having a hard time hunting around for disinfection and epidemic prevention products. At the grocery, stock of masks, bleach products were simply wiped out, even a roll of toilet paper is hardly available... while there are many kinds of disinfection products on the market, how exactly should we choose the right disinfection products for ourselves? Were you aware that disinfection could also end up causing intoxication to our family, loved ones and even our flurry friends?


Apply bleach products carefully, or it may end up intoxicates

According to the Hong Kong Department of Health's interpretation on bleach products, bleach is a strong and effective household disinfectant. Its main ingredient is sodium hypochlorite, which breaks down the protein component of microorganisms and hence effectively kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. However, bleach products can also be harmful and irritating to mucous membranes, skin layer, and respiratory system. Bleach products lose efficacy with time and exposure to heat and light, it is also a highly reactive catalyst with many other substances. Improper use of bleach will degrade its sterilization effect, threaten health, and even negatively impact the ecological environment.

If someone were accidentally exposed to highly concentrated bleach, it will not only irritate the human skin and mucous membranes, but lead to bad cough, bronchitis and pulmonary edema; inhaling large quantities can even be fatal. It is hence believed that long-term exposure in an environment filled with such bleach products will simply be poorly affecting our health. If you accidentally drink bleach, the gastric mucosa will be irritated and lead to bleeding. In severe cases, the blood pressure will drastically drop, leading to potential falatily in a coma.

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Improper use of bleach is harmful to children and flurry friends

Although bleach is known to be affordable and relatively easy to procure, improper use is destined to harm your family's health. It might be tempting to believe that using bleach to wipe through the floor and it is done once and for all; the truth though is that wherever children are reaching could be exposed with bleach residue, and we may never be able to fully avoid the chances of them putting their uncleaned hands into their mouth. Flurry friends are also much closer to the ground than we are; regularly applying bleach products to clean the floor is basically an unintended move to intoxicate them. One may also recall that during the SARS outbreak in 2003, there were numerous cases of dogs suffering fatality from cancer in liver, bone, lymph and other diseases for unknown reasons.

The foodchain is forever impacted

Without a doubt, bleach products are very effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses. However, the typical practices of households to flush away bleach as ordinary wastewater has chronically been impacting the waters around us. Chlorine in these bleach products will chemically react with the organic matter in water, producing carcinogenic and toxic substances, and will stay in the environment for a long time. It typically takes decades to degrade carcinogenic and other toxic substances, and ends up polluting the environment as well as destroying the ecology around us. Studies have also shed lights on how bleach products cannot be fully  decomposed in ocean water. When animals in the ocean mistakenly took in the toxic substances from these bleach residue, humans will in turn suffer being exposed to bleach again through fishery. 

Okay, what should we do now? Choose products that are harmless to humans, pets & the environment!

First and foremost, if you have no choice but to use bleach products, we would to you to pay attention to the following pointers:

  • It is best to use opaque, non-transparent containers for bleach so to avoid direct sunlight or high temperature that causes the production of toxic gases
  • Bleach after dilution should only be used within 24 hours
  • When you are unbottling a bleach product, avoid any direct contact with the undiluted bleach, the corrosivity may cause skin irritation

  • Never mix bleach with other cleaning agents
  • Do not use industrial bleach to clean your home. The concentration level is twice that of household bleach. The high concentration sodium hypochlorite solution can become very irritating once in direct contact. Misuses may cause carcinogens.
  • After using bleach, wipe clean with clean water

While it is indeed better being safe than sorry, the good news is now we have the better options to choose products that are proven safe for humans and pets. PicoLabb utilizes the exclusively developed Pico Technology to develop a Pico grade 99.99% pure silver particle solution. The well-trusted Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center HKSTC has independently provided its verification confirming that PicoSilver can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, fungi and influenza viruses. PicoSilver uses pure and natural ingredients. The pico silver particles are 1000 times smaller than the nano particles, effectively targeting the core inside every bacteria and viruses, leaving no survival chance. 

Instead of building preventive measures, we at PicoLabb adhere strongly to the idea of proactively eliminating all the unwanted bacteria and viruses in a safe and environmentally friendly way. 


Please stay tuned to the next Health Tips blog if you would like to understand more about the wonders of how PicoSilver can effectively kill bacteria