iWand3+  | Needle-free Acupuncture - PicoLabb
iWand3+  | Needle-free Acupuncture - PicoLabb

iWand3+ | Needle-free Acupuncture

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iWand3+ is a powerful and non-invasive device that rejuvenates to your cell through the rhythmic light on the body's acupoints as needle-free acupuncture. It carries the unique PVA energy “Pico Technology” via red LED light into body tissue, which effectively relieves pain.

Poor microcirculation often results into pain or illnesses. iWand 3+ uses PVA Technology to improve body fluids and tissue cells by activating faster and stronger microcirculation that maximizes the body's own healing potential, and ultimately restore health. iWand 3+ helps in pain relief, encourages rapid recovery of infections and wounds and expedites the skin’s absorption of skincare products and other ointments.

The portable and sleek design allows for self-administer healing anywhere, anytime to deliver unprecedented healing power and skin care. Works best when paired with corresponding acupoints.
Product Features
  • Improves body microcirculation
  • Promotes metabolism and strengthens immunity
  • Relieves pain
  • Encourages rapid recovery of infections and wounds 
  • Promotes overall health and energy
  • Acupuncture book included
  • Please consult professional advice before using if necessary.
    Product Dimensions
    • Power: One CR2 lithium battery
    • Output pulse frequency: 6 – 8 Hz
    • Dimension (Dia. x H): 18 x 109 mm / 0.7 x 4.3 inch
    • Net weight: 56 g / 2.0 oz
    • Gross weight: 217 g / 7.7 oz
    • Certificate: CE 

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