PicoSilver Eczema | Eczema Relief - PicoLabb
PicoSilver Eczema | Eczema Relief - PicoLabb

PicoSilver Eczema | Eczema Relief

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PicoSilver 濕疹配方 | 擊退紅腫舒緩痕癢

PicoSilver Eczema contains ultra-fine 99.99% pure silver Pico-particles suspended in pure water, contains PVA energy that can be sterilized with special formulation for Eczema to alleviate eczema symptoms such as itchy rash and blisters. 100% natural, suitable for all ages.

  • Unique PVA Pico Technology

  • Specially formulated for Eczema

  • Alleviates symptoms such as 

    itchiness, rash and blisters
  • Independently verified by HKSTC on effectiveness in killing bacteria and viruses
      • Reference: Spray once or twice on wounded area (0.15 – 1.3 ml)
      • Each spray equals to 3.45 micro gram of pico-silver particles
      • Vegan, Allergen-, Gluten- and GMO-free
      • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases.
      • Tested by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre, PicoSilver can effectively kill viruses and bacteria. Please refer to here for more details.

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