iSole Pro | PVA acupoint insole

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The unique PVA “Pico Technology” chip is placed in the insole to stimulate the "Yongquan Point" and six meridians on the sole of the foot. Can improve the body's microcirculation, improve physical fitness and sleep quality. Constant use, like the effect of foot massage, especially effective for people who need to stand for a long time. It can also help the elderly and children who are easy to lose balance to strengthen protection.

Extremely light antibacterial                                                                                              The special insole material is durable, and uses ultra-light polymer antibacterial materials, which is ergonomically designed to effectively enhance heel stability and arch support.

  • Stimulates many important points on the sole of the foot, promotes microcirculation of the body and improves physical fitness 
  • Relieve leg fatigue and restore energy 
  • Reduces calf edema 
  • Improve body balance and exercise endurance 
  • Improve children's healthy bone growth

    • Dimensions: 195 L x 70 W x 2 H mm 
    • Net weight: 14 grams

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