Bellyfit - PicoLabb
Bellyfit - PicoLabb
Bellyfit - PicoLabb
Bellyfit - PicoLabb
Bellyfit - PicoLabb


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Intestinal management 

With the unique PVA Pico Technology, combined with specific red LED to strengthen the intestinal microcirculation, the intestinal biofilm will be shed, improve the efficiency of the digestive system, and effectively reduce the problem of abdominal distension.   

Intestinal biofilm (BioFilm) is a protective film secreted by microorganisms and bacteria. Accumulating too much biofilm will block the body's ability to absorb food or drugs. Such as central obesity, it may affect the absorption of food due to the accumulation of biofilm, reduce overeating even the stomach is full. Constantly used, Bellyfit effectively improves intestinal microcirculation, stimulates biofilm drainage, increases nutrient absorption rate, maintains a healthy intestinal system, and makes you truly beautiful from the inside out.   

Small and beautiful                                                                                                            Clip-on portable design, simple buttons, easy to match into casual clothes. 

Product Features:

  • Accelerate biofilm shedding 
  • Promote bowel movements and stool 
  • Improve intestinal microcirculation 
  • Improve nutrient absorption rate Reduces hunger and helps control appetite    
  • Dimensions: 195 L x 70 W x 2 H mm
  • Net weight: 14 grams


*For the best result, use in combination with a balanced diet.
*The effectiveness of Bellyfit depends on each individual's health condition.
*Bellyfit is specially designed for abdominal fat burning. Picolabb DOES NOT recommend use on other areas.