iVoice Slim | PVA Pendant - PicoLabb
iVoice Slim | PVA Pendant - PicoLabb

iVoice Slim | PVA Pendant

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The unique PVA “Pico Technology” chip is placed in the pendant, which uses quantum induction to promote long-term microcirculation of the thymus and upper respiratory tract, improve immunity, and effectively protect health. It is recommended to wear a pendant near the "Middle Point" to effectively clear the meridians through PVA energy. It is especially suitable for people who work with common vocal cords and can reduce vocal cord strain. 

  • Promote microcirculation of thymus and upper respiratory tract
  • Effectively enhance immunity
  • Promotes the microcirculation of the vocal system
  • Reduce vocal cord fatigue
  • Improve sound quality

Dimensions (Diameter x Length) 46 x 10 x 4 mm / 1.8 x 0.34 x 0.2 inches
Net Weight :12.8 g / 0.45 oz 
Total Weight:102.8 g / 3.63 oz