Debunking 5 Myths about Silver Particles

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone has been in quest of disinfectants and health supplements. But the question is, how do you choose a quality supplement in a market with such vast variety of products? Last time, we introduced to you PicoLabb’s PicoSilver, an ultra-fine 99.99% pure silver pico-particles, and this time, we are going to explain to you what’s so special about PicoSilver in contrast to other products in the market.

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Myth 1: Is it true that you can sterilize and disinfect with any products containing silver?

There are numerous types of health products or daily necessities commonly known as "silver solution" in the market, such as silver ions, colloidal silver, and so on. Simply put, how strong the sterilization effect of the product is, depends on how fine the silver particles are, and how high the concentration is. The finer the silver particles, the more effective it is to attack bacteria and viruses.




Size of silver particles

10-30 nano*

1-1000 nano

0.001 nano


Only for external use, usually used to treat wounds and household items

Can be taken internally

Can be taken internally or externally, all natural

Disinfection effect

Only a short period of time

For a longer period of time

For a longer period of time


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*the most commonly used unit for measuring particle size is nano, and 1 nano roughly equals to 1/100,000 of the diameter of a piece of human hair

Myth 2: How does silver help sterilize and disinfect?

The principle is fairly straightforward. Silver particles are positively charged, while bacteria and viruses are negatively charged. Silver particles, once reached these bacteria/virus cells, will combine with the cell membrane, destroy it, and then enter the cell core to damage its DNA, ceasing the cell reproduction and lead the cell to its ultimate death.

Myth 3: Isn’t silver a heavy metal? Is it really safe to be taken orally?

Silver is not a heavy metal, it does not stay in the body for a long time, therefore it does not cause adverse effects on the human body. After attacking the cells of bacteria and viruses, the silver particles of PicoSilver will slowly be excreted automatically along with metabolism. Moreover, PicoSilver is made from pure natural ingredients, making it absolutely safe and reliable!

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Myth 4: There are so many kinds of bacteria and viruses, which product is the most effective for sterilization?

Every silver-containing product is not necessarily effective towards the same bacteria and viruses; however, PicoSilver has been verified by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center (HKSTC) that it can effectively kill bacteria and viruses such as Influenza A virus (H1N1), Influenza B virus, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, etc. For more details, click here to read more.

Myth 5: Do we have to ingest a lot of silver particles in order to kill the bacteria and viruses in our body?

As mentioned earlier, PicoSilver's silver particles are a thousand times finer than silver nanoparticles, so the penetration is relatively high, which means it can penetrate the cell membrane and go straight to the core in a timely manner. What’s more, the silver particles that finished attacking will be released, and move onto sniping another cell, achieving the long-term effect of sterilization!

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This is it for now! Check back for another Health Tips on how to effectively incorporate PicoSilver in our daily lives!