Against the Covid (B)

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Super Natural C + Super Probiotics  + Potent D3 + Sleep Essential + PicoSilver 

Super Natural C :

  • Controls reactive oxygen species to slow ageing

  • Strengthens immune system and prevents infection
  • Promotes skin whitening, spot lightening and collagen production
  • Repairs cells and enhances capillary elasticity, protecting blood

    Super Probiotics :

    • Consists of 13 types of probiotics, 

      prebiotics, postbiotics, enzymes,minerals, etc
    • 3-year fermentation
    • Improves intestinal health and maintains a balanced digestive system
    • Enhances immune system
    • Improves skin problems

      Potent D3 :

      • Formula dissolved in extra virgin olive oil for fast absorption

      • No artificial flavours, colourings or unnecessary chemicals
      • Improves immune system
      • Promotes cardiovascular health
      • Supports bone and teeth health
      • Enhances calcium absorption and prevents osteoporosis

        Sleep Essential :

        • Improves sleep quality

        • Enhances immune system

        • Antioxidizing effect slows ageing

        • Speedy activation of melatonin

          PicoSilver :

          • Unique PVA Pico Technology (Ultra-fine 99.99% pure silver Pico-particles (1000 times smaller than nano particles))
          • Effectively reaches virus nucleus, preventing reproduction
          • Able to destroy bacteria cell membrane and binds to its nucleus, preventing reproduction and further infection of nearby cells
          • Independently verified by HKSTC on effectiveness in killing bacteria and viruses


          Package: Super Natural C x1, Super Probiotics x1, Potent D3 x1, Sleep Essential x1, PicoSilver 100ml x1


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