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Blood Pressure Essential

  • Consists of a variety of natural ingredients, such as garlic extract, organic salvia miltiorrhiza, organic crataegus pinnatifida, organic olive leaf, organic beet, organic cayenne, organic celery, Gano derma, etc
  • Suitable for people concerned about blood pressure
  • Enhances vascular health and blood vessel elasticity
Super Natural C 
  • Controls reactive oxygen species to slow ageing

  • Strengthens immune system and prevents infection
  • Promotes skin whitening, spot lightening and collagen production
  • Repairs cells and enhances capillary elasticity, protecting blood
    Perfect Omega 3
    • Naturally purified by cold filtration
    •  High concentrations of DHA and EPA
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Enhances brain function
    • Lowers risks of eye symptoms
    • Promotes cardiovascular health
    • Supports bone and teeth health

    Super Potent B 
    • Contains 8 active B-vitamin forms: B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B9, B12
    • Promotes health of the brain and nervous system
    • Supports energy production in cells Supports liver and adrenal functions
    • Enhances immune system
    • Mood suppor

    Blood Pressure Essential
    Super Natural C
    Perfect Omega 3
    Super Potent B
    Each 1bottle, Total 4bottles