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Blood Sugar Essentials | 穩糖至尊

‧ Support pancreas health
‧ Blood sugar regulation
‧ Help lowering triglycerides
‧ Reduce sugar absorption

Natural Balance | 有機蘋果醋

Pancreas and liver support: 

‧ Boost insulin sensitivity 
‧ Blood sugar regulation 
‧ Reduce glycogen breakdown 
‧ Support body acid-base balance 

Body Slimming: 

‧ Support adipolysis 
‧ Reduce Craving 
‧ Improve digestive functions
‧ Reduce absorption of fat in small intestine


Liver Reset

  • Nourish the liver
  • Antioxidation, neutralize the free radical
  • Strengthen liver detoxification
  • Promote liver function and hepatocyte growth
  • Lower cholesterol effectively

Natural Detox

  • Support detoxification system
  • Protecting the liver
  • Provide antioxidant activity, skin whitening 
  • Protect body cells from oxidation damage


PACKAGE Included:

Blood Sugar Essentials
Natural Balance
Liver Reset
Natural Detox

Each 1bottle, Total 4 bottles