Feeling burnt out? Professor Vian Li shares tips on Pressure Relief

With everything that has been going on around the world right now, it is inevitable to feel stressed out and depressed which could affect our sleeping patterns and even cause insomnia. One of the co-founders of PicoLabb, Mr. Vian Li, has recently talked about “Happy Hormones” on Lawrence Cheng’s YouTube channel HiEggo. Wanna find out what these hormones are? Keep reading!

PicoLabb iWand 3 Needle-free Acupuncture

There are indeed several kinds of “Happy Hormones” in our body, including serotonin that helps to regulate our mood, the “feel-good” hormone dopamine, body’s natural pain reliever endorphins, etc., and a lack of one or all of these hormones in our body could actually be the reason why we are feeling down and moody.

Most people would spend time to do things that they enjoy, or simply incorporate exercise in their lifestyle to help naturally boost the production of these hormones in their system. What you may not know, is that applying pressure at certain acupoints with our fingers or by using a small health device at home could also do the trick! The brand new iWand 3 Needle-free Acupuncture from PicoLabb is a brilliant and portable device that could be used in targeting these acupoints, which helps to relief our stress and improve our mood instantly!

  • Taichong Point (where the big toe bone and the second toe bone meet at the instep)
  • Yongquan Point (the intersection of where the centre of the foot sole is sunken)
  • Hegu Point (between the thumb tendon and the index finger tendon on the back of the hand)
  • Neiguan Point (two inches up from the bottom of the horizontal wrinkle on the inner wrist)
  • Yintang Point* (middle point between two eyebrows)
  • Baihui Point* (highest point of the head)
  • Fengchi Point* (right outside of the two large neck tendons)
  • Jiaosun Point* (where the tips of your ears are on your hairline)

*It is recommended not to apply pressure / use iWand 3 on these acupoints situated on the head before bedtime.

Through activating Pico Technology, iWand 3 generates a prescribed and stable PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment Field) with an upgraded chip that doubles the output power and a patented light technology, stimulating the human body in a non-invasive way that improves body microcirculation, reliefs pain, and speeds up the process of wound healing. Its lightweight, anti-collision, and waterproof properties also make it easy to be carried around.

PicoLabb iWand 3 Needle-free Acupuncture

Watch the following interview between Mr. Vian Li and Lawrence Cheng if you want to learn more about stress relief! See you on our next blog!