Epidemic must-have ! Best tool for thorough disinfection and sterilization

We shared in our last blog with you about how the PicoSilver 99.99% silver particle solution is uniquely different from many other products on the market now, while the uses and applications of PicoSilver are also more comprehensive than you may imagine. This time we would like to introduce the best right way to use for sterilization and disinfection purposes. 

PicoLabb | PicoSilver Functions

For Internal Use

  1. Atomize and directly inhale PicoSilver

According to research, the new coronavirus mainly invades our body through the mucosal tissues of the mouth, nasal cavity and eyes, so everyone should try to wear masks and glasses for protection wherever possible. But the virus is so subtle, most surgical masks available may not be able to provide the utmost protection needed. In light of the reality, we recommend coupling surgical masks with the use of PicoLabb‘s FluAway device to atomize the PicoSilver with ultrasound and inhale directly. The Pico-level silver particles will adhere to our nasal mucosa and upper respiratory tract, killing bacteria and viruses from the core with a long lasting effect. First apply PicoSilver into the FluAway atomizer, turn on the device and directly inhale from your nose and mouth for about five to ten seconds. The easy-to-carry FluAway is also ideal for daily use in public transportation and public spaces, while a small amount of PicoSilver would effectively cover a large area already, which is absolutely practical. Pet owners are also encouraged to use PicoSilver to enhance the immunity of our fluffy friends at home!

PicoLabb | Safe for Pets

For external use

  1. Disinfect your surgical masks 

Some rather questionable ”methods“ of disinfecting masks with sterilizing alcohol or bleach was once spread around town without much convincing scientific grounds to support. These methods will end up destroying critical mask structures, resulting in masks losing its ability to filter bacteria and viruses. On the contrary, using FluAway to atomize and spray PicoSilver on and off the mask for ten seconds can effectively kill the bacteria and viruses attached to the mask; applying it correctly will never damage the fibers of the mask. The masks can then be used for a longer period of time, and it can also eliminate the odor caused by the breeding of bacteria.

PicoLabb | Surgical Masks 

  1. Disinfecting clothes and furnitures 

Some studies have pointed out that the new coronavirus would be able to survive on different surfaces for more than a couple of days, hence our day-to-day household cleaning routine is also an important part of fighting against the epidemic. Applying PicoSilver by spraying directly on clothes or daily necessities after a full day out can perfectly achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization. PicoLabb's iFresh silver ionized water can also achieve this effect.

PicoLabb | Coronavirus

However, it is critical for all to bear in mind that you should not apply any liquids such as alcohol or essential oils with PicoSilver or FluAway. Doing so may damage the effectiveness of the device. While not in use, it should be stored in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight or any strong light.

For a more in-depth understanding of PicoSilver and other relevant information, you may enjoy watching the following interview hosted by celebrity Mr. Lawrence Cheng on his very popular show, featuring PicoLabb‘s very own founder Mr. Vian Li. See you on our next blog!